Meet AmhaWear’s Designer

Semhar-Amha amhawear

Semhar Amha is an Ethiopian born designer whose profound interest in fashion led her to move to Los Angeles to study fashion and pursue her dreams in establishing her own line. Her inspirations are strong women that are stylish, bold, and have a good eye for fabrics and prints. She says “It’s not necessary to go to 50 different countries for inspiration; women around me with different ethnicity and race are what inspire me to create my designs. You can see my growth as a women, as a friend, as a daughter, and as a sister in my collections, it tells a story, its my story, its my heart and soul. I hope you love it as much as I do.” With the knowledge and experience Semhar Amha has accumulated over the years, she hopes to move back to her home country of Ethiopia to expand her brand and eventually open a tuition free trade school to empower women as she has been empowered by the skills she has amassed.

9 thoughts on “Meet AmhaWear’s Designer

  1. Ruth kebede says:

    Yess semhar I love an originality like yours ……so good to see an Ethiopian designer on this level…..your so inspiring for many women, I wish you more success

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